3 Social Media Strategies that Never Grow Old

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3 Social Media Strategies that Never Grow Old

The world of social media is constantly growing and changing how we interact with each other. Just like Google, Facebook has modified its algorithm recently to make social media more “user friendly”. Now, this doesn’t bode well with a lot of online influencers out there, as it seems that their organic reach has diminished yet again. It has forced a change of strategy on them on how they approach social media. Everybody is trying to work the system and find “hacks” that get them ahead. That will never go away. Neither will algorithm changes. So, with these strategies and tips constantly being changed and updated, here’s three strategies that will never need updating, and will always prove effective in the long run.

1. Be Quality – not Quantity

Some people will tell you that, in order to reach your audience and make sure Facebook and other social sites always show your content, you need to be constantly posting. This sounds like it makes sense, but it could actually end up having the opposite effect. Plus, it’s a ton of work if the content is going to be good. What Facebook and other sites are doing now is putting more weight on engagement, not frequency. That means it’s better to have people liking and commenting on your posts that just seeing it and moving on. Yes, it may take longer to produce content that elicits engagement; the benefits far outweigh the costs. Instead of posting 20 times a day with little engagement, post 3 times a day with high-quality, attractive content. Plus, instead of putting the focus on the system, it puts the focus on the people you are trying to reach.

2. Be Consistent

If you’re going to post 3 times a day every day, then keep it up. One of the worst things you can do is go long stretches with little to no activity on your social accounts and then expect everybody to be waiting to engage with you when you show up again. It won’t work. Facebook makes sure it doesn’t, actually. They value consistency. Again, though, move your focus away from the system and think about the people you are trying to reach. They desire consistency. If you have “Monday motivation” quotes, then keep doing them on Mondays. If you post the same time every day, keep doing it. Give people something to look forward to, then deliver every time.

3. Be Human

This is the most important of all. Be human. Be real. Talk like you talk. Be you. Too many people and organizations are using social media as a way to simply get attention. The whole point of social media is to be, well, social. Instead of just posting links all the time, start a conversation. Instead of working the system and hacking your way to clicks, share a thought. Be funny. Give people something to talk about, then talk about it with them. This can be hard to do sometimes as a business or organization, but it can be done. Social media can be such a powerful tool when used the right way.

Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The algorithm changes aren’t going anywhere either. An awful lot of time can be wasted trying to figure them out and somehow use them to your advantage. Don’t fall into that trap. Remember, just be yourself, be consistent, and give people something to talk about. It’s the best way to build trust and authority with social networks, and most importantly real people.

Brian Sherman
Brian Sherman
Brian Sherman is an author, entrepreneur, husband and father. He is the Lead Writer and Content Manager for Voixly, a Texas-based Digital Marketing Firm. He authored the book, For Real This Time, and writes for several publications online on the topics of personal development, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

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